BrainFlex Exercises & Games

Introducing BrainFlex™ -- our easy, fun yet highly effective brain exercise worksheets, workbooks & casual "brain games" that you can do however is most convenient for you!

You can do BrainFlex exercises, worksheets and brain games right here on (see below), or get our original BrainReady workbooks and audiobooks to do anytime, anywhere: over lunch, first thing in the morning, anytime.

Get your daily dose of brain fitness right now, FREE: choose a BrainFlex exercise category below and give your brain a fun yet effective cross-training workout right now...

BrainFlex Worksheets


BrainFlex Worksheets give your brain a true cross-training workout -- in less than 10 minutes! 

Designed specifically to give your brain a COMPLETE cross-training spanning multiple areas, these worksheets (derived from our BrainFlex Worksheets Vol.1 E-Book) are a true "cross-training workout on one page".

Ultra-convenient, more fun than Sudoku or crosswords, and way more effective!

Do them right now, free! Click here...

BrainFlex Games


Our new BrainFlex interactive "casual" brain games are a fun, easy way for people of all ages to get your daily brain workout, right here in your web browser*!

Play them in the morning over coffee, during lunch, or in the evening -- anytime, right on this web site. And they're free! 

(*Be sure to download the if your browser doesn't already have it...)

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Brain Exercise AudioBooks - Download


BrainReady original AudioBooks let you exercise your brain just by listening along -- no visuals required!

Our patent-pending, revolutionary audio exercises give you a relaxing, focused brain workout that you can do from anywhere: listen in your car, over breakfast, at the gym, anytime.

Download now and start getting your brain back into shape -- just by listening! Click here...

BrainFlex Workbooks & E-Books


BrainReady Downloadable Workbooks are a great way to take your brain training on the go: pack one for the plane, vacation, commute, in bed, anytime -- with our fun, value-packed BrainReady workbooks! 

If you like our free worksheets,  you'll love the BrainFlex™ and BrainChallenge™ workbooks even more!

These downloadable E-Books can be downloaded right now-- to let you start getting your brain back into shape without delay!

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