Cinnamon 500mg caps (NSI)


All the benefits of fresh Cinnamon - in a capsule!

As featured on BrainReady, Cinnamon is more than a tasty spice: Cinnamon has been shown to promote myriad benefits to blood sugar levels, brain abilities, digestion, and much more.
How does Cinnamon work?
Chinese societies have used cinnamon medicinally for more than 4,000 years. Now, Western society has discovered this nutrient may support overall digestive and colon health. Cinnamon also contains catechins-powerful antioxidants.

This may account for cinnamon's ability to promote healthier, more balanced blood sugar levels.

NSI Cinnamon is better because it:

# Contains 240 capsules per bottle. And at just 2 capsules daily, you're getting an incredible 4-month supply for a great value.

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