Sambazon Acai PowerScoop

-The Premier Organic Acai!

As discussed on the BrainReady Blog and Podcast: Acai is a true superfood -- yet you only get the benefits from a properly-processed organic source. Well, as we reported on our Blog, we found the best: Sambazon!

We personally LOVE their PowerScoop organic whole Acai powder: Acai PowerScoop is the premium source of organic acai berries in a whole-food powder. Because Acai PowerScoop is not an extract, it delivers the full synergy of powerful antioxidants, essential and healthy fats, fibers and proteins found only in Acai. Using a non-thermal drying process, we deliver the pure organic health properties of Acai in powder that can be put in any beverage. Simply add a scoop to your favorite smoothie, juice or milk. 90 grams (30 scoops) per jar.

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