Dagoba 100% Organic Cocoa Powder (2-Pack)

We've told you about the wide variety of amazing health benefits of the cacao bean, in our BrainReady Blog feature on chocolate. Well, this is one of our favorite cocoa products out there, period! It's about as close to the cocoa bean as you can get, and wonderful mixed with almost anything: 100% organic cocoa powder from single varietal beans, nothing added. 

Organic. Unsweetened, Non-Alkalized. USDA Organic. Fair Trade Certified. Kosher. 

Yes, this is the cocoa powder of choice that we here at BrainReady drink every morning, and sprinkle it on foods too (oatmeal, fruit, nuts, anything!). The flavor is UNBELIEVABLE, and then there's the health properties...

Oh, and buying this "2-pack" (2 tins of it) version saves you a LOT of money...it's like getting one of the tins for free (and you'll go through each tin fast...we sure do).

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