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Dagoba Organic 100% Cacao Nibs (4-pack)

Organic chocolate. The heart of Cacao. Dagoba Organic Chocolate produces premium organic chocolate products, using organic cacao beans that are of the highest grade and sourced under exemplary social and ecological standards. We offer the true chocolate lover the best of all worlds by working directly with the stewards of this magical plant and its delicate rainforest surroundings. These master cacao farmers select only the finest of their organic cacao to bring you the unadulterated essence of this sacred food. These nibs are sourced from a group of small scale farmers located in southern Ecuador. Together with Dagoba, these farmers are working to bring back the rare heirloom varietal known as Arriba Nacional. These nibs offer flavors of tangerine and red berry with dark chocolate finish. A slight lavender floral bouquets gives sign to the Arriba Nacional bean. Certified organic by International Certification Services, Inc. USDA organic.

Buying this "4-pack" (4 packages of the nibs) version saves you a LOT of money.

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