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Organic Dark Chocolate Bites (ES) Box


Talk about a great way to get your dark chocolate - bite size (64-pack)

Each box of Endangered Species gourmet chocolate Bug Bites contains 64 of these amazing organic dark chocolate morsels, making it easy and tasty to get your daily dose dark chocolate, on the go!

These .35oz. pieces are made with organic, shade-grown, ethically traded rich dark chocolate. It contains 70% cocoa content. This product also certified Kosher by Union Orthodox Dairy, organic by the USDA and Oregon Tilth . On the outside of the box you can learn exciting information on National Wildife Federation and their Backyard Wildlife Habitat program and exciting information on Endangered Species Chocolate story and mission. The other exciting thing about Bug Bites besides the chocolate, is that each piece contains 1 out of a set of 32 insect trading cards from Dexter Sear.

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