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2 + 5 = more brainpower, less mental decline


Why doing even simple math calculations quickly can actually turn back the clock on mental decline, help ward off mental diseases such as Alzheimer's and Dementia, and boost your overall brainpower.

Sounds rather far-fetched, doesn't it? You, an adult, doing simple elementary school math equations in your head such as 2+5, 9-3, and so
 on, trying to whip multiple areas of your brain into shape and even ward off mental decline and diseases?!

Good news: it's true. This is real. It actually works.

Pioneering recent research, including the amazing "Train Your Brain" studies by Dr. Ryuta Kawashima from Tohoku University in Japan, showed that doing these simple calculations quickly actually activates the brain more effectively than any other activity. Further, it activates the largest areas of both hemispheres of the brain, dispelling the myth that doing math calculations is a "left-brained" activity only.

Let's think about that again: doing super-simple math calculations quickly exercises your overall brainpower more than any other activity! 

But what's really impressive is the real-world impact that it has on your brain health: Dr. Kawashima's research studies showed such findings as 20% memory ability improvements, reduced Dementia symptoms, slowing of Alzheimer's and Dementia and general cognitive decline, and increase of blood flow, oxygen and amino acids to critical pre-frontal cortex region of the brain which is responsible for so much of what makes us capable, creative, and flexible mentally. 

So how much, how often, what do I need to do? 

We'll get to that in a second, but wait! Just to give your brain a quick improvement RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, do the following in your head as quickly as you can (and then read on):

2 + 9 =

4 x 3 =

9 - 4 =

14 - 6 =

9 x 2 =

7 + 4 =

17 - 5 = 

15 + 3 =

11 - 8 =

How was that? Try it again, but do it even faster. The research shows that the faster you can do these equations, the more actively and completely both hemispheres of your brain get exercised. How do you feel now?

Guess what: you've just completed a portion of your brain workout for today. 

That's right: even as little as 10 minutes a day of active brain exercises such as the simple math equations and mental cross-training exercises contained in the BrainReady BrainFlex worksheets and audio Podcasts can do the trick. 

The key is to do them consistently, ideally daily; you can literally feel your brainpower and memory and overall abilities get stronger over time (it's quite uncanny for those of us who do it have to do it to believe it). Holistically speaking, this just makes plain sense: if you actively use your brain muscle daily, it stays fit, and remains fit longer. If you don't exercise it, those little-used areas get weaker and weaker, sometimes to the point of mental diseases. 

Sounds a lot like the rest of your body, your muscles, your health, doesn't it? 
That's where the "use it or lose it" idea comes from. Often common sense contains more sublime wisdom than can be exposed by the current state of any given research area.

Nonetheless, common sense aside: the key is to learn WHAT to do in order to maximize your health and experience optimal aging, so the fact that doing simple math equations quickly has been proven to be extremely effective at exercising your brain is quite worth learning. 

So, for those new to BrainReady:

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