Fight the effects that aging has already had on your brain & body

Our first blog post ... welcome!

For our first BrainReady blog posting: we'd like to welcome you to a new world of cutting-edge, innovative tools designed to help you fight the effects that normal "passive" aging has on your brain, and your quality of life going forward as you get older.

Few people consciously realize that whether you're doing work, play, daily living tasks, your enjoyment and overall mental health...your brain is the most important asset you have, yet until very recently, little was known about the effects of aging on the brain nor what could be done to combat the negative effects that aging has on our brains.

Perhaps you've heard the recent research which proved that our brains start deteriorating steadily starting in our 20's (yes, that's your TWENTIES) and continue all the way through old age. But fortunately, following on the heels of that research was a large body of other research showing that, thankfully, there is something we can do to fight this mental decline, that we don't have to just let age destroy our abilities and talents and sharpness. 

The key finding: to treat our brains like we do the rest of our physical bodies, with regular, focused brain exercises and mental "cross-training" designed to regularly stimulate the various critical regions of our brains, particularly those regions which tend to get less and less usage after we graduate from school and enter the world of routine day jobs and "daily life". 

Let's face it:  we try to exercise and eat right to stay young-looking, feeling good, and healthy as we get older. But what about the most important part of our bodies? Most of us just don't get the mental cross-training needed to ward off mental decline and even diseases such as Alzheimers and Dementia. Just like your physical body, recent research proves that it's truly a matter of "USE IT OR LOSE IT". 

That's why we created BrainReady. We are dedicated to helping people of all ages fight mental decline and ward off future mental diseases, by making it exceptionally easy to include daily brain exercises into one's routine, plus related anti-aging nutritional news and latest discoveries which give you the tools you need to stay young from the inside out. 

BrainReady offers free innovative, convenient brain exercise and health tools, including: 

- BrainCast audio programs (and free BrainReady Podcast in the Apple iTunes Store, visit now by ) which let you finally get the brain exercise you need from anywhere, anytime, even while you're busy doing other things such as driving in your car or at the gym or eating lunch.

- BrainFlex Worksheets which make it simple & fun to do a quick 5 to 10-minute mental cross-training workout on a single-page sheet that you can print out right here on the BrainReady web site, and do anywhere, anytime.

- Breaking anti-aging health & nutrition discoveries, and health product news...which we include in our BrainCasts, email newsletter, and web site.

- Coming soon, several additional short mental workouts that you'll be able to do right here on the BrainReady web site, in addition to the above offerings.

Getting your brain back into shape and keeping that way just got a whole lot easier, more convenient, and more fun. 

If you’re new to BrainReady, start by listening to our first BrainCast audio segment (Episode I), in which you’ll learn how BrainReady works in addition to diving right in to easy, fun brain exercises. 

Then, print out a couple of the BrainFlex Worksheets, while trying some of the nutritional and brain exercise recommendations mentioned in the BrainCast episodes

Then, see for yourself how you you already feel a bit sharper? More "with it"? Mentally younger? Less foggy and tired? 

Do a little BrainReady every day for a week, and then see how you feel again: are the exercises getting easier? Do you feel even sharper, perhaps smarter, younger? Are you heeding the nutritional advice, and if so, how do you feel? 

We hope you too will start treating your brain like you've been trying to treat the rest of your body, as the recent research has proven that the stakes are high: use it or lose it. 

The combination of daily mental cross-training with brain-enhancing and anti-aging nutrition choices can literally make the difference between developing mental diseases such as Dementia and Alzheimers or not...of becoming mentally slow and foggy and dull, or staying sharp...of being about to excel in your field of work and stay competitive as you age, or not...of having a healthy mental state and enjoying life, or not.

That's why we created BrainReady, and we hope you'll make it a part of your daily life.

Lastly: we want your feedback and suggestions! Please use the email form to the right, and send us any feedback or ideas or comments or suggestions, anything at all. We created BrainReady for YOU, so please tell us what you find helpful and what you don't!

To you and your brain's future health!

- The BrainReady team

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